Live Pillar of Davidson cover

Pillar of Davidson
Lyrics and Meaning

April 26, 1994

Song Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
warm bodies I sense
Verse 2
are not machines that can only make money
Verse 3
past perfect tense
Verse 4
words for a feeling and all I've discovered
Verse 5
I'll be along son
Verse 6
with medicine supposed to designed to
Verse 7
make you high
Verse 8
I'll be along son
Verse 9
with words for a feeling and all I've discovered
Verse 10
old bad eyes
Verse 11
old bad eyes
Verse 12
old bad eyes
Verse 13
on loneliness comes
Verse 14
go see the foreman go see the profiteer
Verse 15
on loneliness drives
Verse 16
we're takin' our time movin' shit for
Verse 17
this holy slime
Verse 18
old, bad eyes
Verse 19
old, bad eyes
Verse 20
old, bad eyes, almighty fear
Verse 21
the shepherd won't leave me alone
Verse 22
he's in my face and I
Verse 23
the shepherd of my days
Verse 24
and I want you here by my heart
Verse 25
and my head, I can't start till I'm dead

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