Around Again
Around Again

Around Again Lyrics Meanings
by Llewellyn Munzing

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Around Again Lyrics

You flew by, caught my eye. I knew we belonged together
When it started to snow. I knew I'd wait forever
You turned and came around. Our friendship turned into lust
I'm yours, just don't let me down. You're mine, and I give my trust
Our passion is so igniting. I call you my best friend
You're bad, and so exciting. We make love never end
You bring out the best in me. You set my sorrow free
You bring up my deepest hurt and you make me feel so weak
Then I woke up all alone. Dropped by, but you weren't at home
No answers, no way to know. Couldn't be reached by phone
I feel the season end. You lie to my face again
You turn it around on me, I throw it right back and then
You want to leave? Then do. Threaten me, I'll threaten you
Blaming, renaming... Grieving. So much noise, I can't see through
The squall clears and I'm here all alone, to pick up this mess
With my pride on its throne, inside my crumbling chest
Before, you come around again. Breaking me down again
You're asking to be my friend. Promise to change, and then
I start melting into you. What you need, I give in to
Cause you feel like all of my wildest dreams coming true
The most love we've ever been in, just hold my body tight
Just kiss my skin again and let's never ever fight
We're smooth, so strong together. Whisper my name forever
I think you're beautiful, you think that I'm so clever
Spending all of my spare time with the past on my scared mind
It's colder, I'm fine. It's just pouring down rain outside
But every time you stop talking, change of heart, you're walking
Back out the door on me. You want a fight... And then leave
I bring out the worst in you, you're breaking my heart again
What you're saying can't be true. But you say it, and then
The storm's rolling in again. Pouring down, leaves us for dead
Frozen in winter, now it's snowing inside my head
Will you come around again and poison my cup again
Or laugh off the past, crawl back into my veins and then
Set me on fire. For a moment... We burn in desire
Will you love me forever? My sweet little liar

Come and kiss the fault away
Come warm my heart; cry my name
Or spend a lifetime, come what may
Sleeping with your mistress, Blame

Writer(s): Josh Waulnd, Llewellyn Munzing
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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