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I Don't Mind
by (Feat. Rover)
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I Don't Mind Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo
Hoo, hoo, hoo
Verse 2
Hey, hey
It's goin' out to all of the ladies, you know
You know what time it is when I come throw the door, man
Yeah, man
Verse 3
Girl, I came to see you in this club tonight, tonight, tonight
Girl, I know you 'bout to show me some love tonight, tonight, tonight
Well, you know how I do it, and that's why you smilin', babe
I like how you movin', the way that you grind, babe
Well, girl, lift it up, show me that you mean it
Work it all around
I got what you need
Verse 0
Girl, I know just what you want; it's about to be a storm, baby
Watch me make it rain (Watch me make it rain)
I got a pocket full of dough, and I came to blow it all
Baby, money ain't a thing (Baby, money ain't a thing)
I see you on that pole, and I don't mind spending
Oh girl, you 'bout it for sure (Oh baby, I don't mind spendin')
And I'm a give you some mo' 'cause I don't mind spendin'
It ain't tricking if you got it, so watch it, watch it, try it
Verse 4
Oh, tonight I'm gonna let you feel something you ain't felt before, before, before, hey
Forget the ones and the tens, girl
At night I'm throwin' dubs and mo', and mo', and mo', and mo'
Now I see that you're open in every way
Girl, I'm so focused; I ain't here to play
Now where is the waitress with my drinks, so I can pour a lil' somethin'
Sip a lit' somethin', maybe drink a lit' somethin'
Verse 5
Verse 6
Let's go somewhere private
I'm on wit' tonight, and I'm lovin' what you doin' to me
Bring your friends 'cause, baby, I'm gonna spend more than you'll ever see
It's getting crazy 'cause you're callin' me baby, and I might just believe it tonight
Hoo, girl, run it back; I still got a stack
You're my reality
I got what you need
Verse 7

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