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LDN Clicker Lyrics Meanings
by Lockz


LDN Clicker Lyrics

They think I'm a London clicker, told you I visit a friend at uni

I just topped up BTC, now I'm gonna add funds on uni
I don't take care of the holder, I don't know no Stacey or Lucy
Insert bin on the site and get choosy
And how can you talk about spatching
When I put the cc in Gucci, PLT now she's freeing up Coochie
It's Lockz, step through in the room with the dots
And you better not dance at your OT spot
Watch bro slide through get your Brodie's got
Got two dickheads tripped and they dropped
Watch bro back out the ramz, you'll get chopped
Straight back to the T just juggin non stop
Straight cash only bags and boxes I pop
And back then I never had no ps
Now I gotta go BTC when I need me a dollar, Cah I ain't trynna Ceelo green

I swipe to the left, I swipe to the right, how do I sleep at night
All it takes is one PP for me to log in I'll change your life
Facts, niggas know Lockz don't cap, in the back of the cab with receipts in my hand
Damn, bad, this shits all mad, man I pray I can become a better man
Lockz the incredible clicker, there ain't nothing that he can't push
I just sold out all my Nike techs now I'm shotting 3 shh for the buj
I just got the drop on Canada goose that's 2 bags for a good look
And she could have took snaps with this roley why's this brown one movin all stoosh
Trynna link this sweet lightskin one but I might fancy my pretty Latina
Diva tellin me to stop playing Fifa, she sucks my shh whiles she's blowing on riffa
It's like bad b, belling bad b now
I might do it like OT chi did insert bin buss case John Cena

All the shit I done for the cash, would have thought I was playing GTA
In the back of the GLA, but I'm trynna go legit, trynna See L.A(CLA)
Till then I'm a well know clicker, till I'm gone clear at the VMAs
All now mans trynna hit booth, steady grinding
Till my ETA
They do it for the image, I can tell by the way the move
You ain't got bread but you wanna buy garms man you Canada afford that goose
And who's on who? Your tings on me and she's moving all loose
Ain't Nuttin lol Bruce she was trynna undress now her bras all loose
I'm in the game like EA, hitman with the 5, like DA,king of the ring like AJ, punchline king No KA, when they see us they run, when they see us spin whips like beyblade
Don't run with your baebae, best tuck corn on your play date

If you got scammed on depop, it was probably me
Shh just wanted and I phone X, to instead I got an I phone for free
How many racks man ran up this week?
About 2, but I was pissed Cah it should have been 3
And I just flushed out all my Lyca sims now I'm pissed Cah I only got 3

They think I'm a London clicker told you I visit a friend at uni

Writer(s): Jay M
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
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