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by Lonely Kings
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Verse 1
never knew you cared at all
I guess I underestimate
I'm never going to learn
Never going to leave
I'm never going to care quite that much again
I fought through everything, with every word you're breathing
I never stare into the sun, into your eyes now can you feel it?
Eyes wide open, a seizure of the day you lied, she lied
Try too hard for way too long, in my arms now can you feel it?
I really want you, I really want you to stay I never heard I always talk
Talk heart clamps will shut the faucet off dead to reality out live a fantasy
I never won the race but they had to start it again
This moment never ends from the first time we wake up to the last time we pass out
We begin to die so put on your make up and we'll order take out and live another life

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