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Verse 1
Magician, magician take me upon your wings
And gently roll the clouds away
I'm sorry, so sorry; I have no incantations
Only words to help sweep me away
Verse 2
I want some magic to sweep me away
I want some magic to sweep me away
I want to count to five
Turn around and find myself gone
Fly through the storm
And wake up in the calm
Verse 3
Release me from the body
From this bulk that moves beside me
Let me leave this body far away
I'm sick of looking at me
I hate this painful body
That disease has slowly worn away
Verse 4
Magician, take my spirit
Inside I'm young and vital
Inside I'm alive; please take me away
So many things to do; it's too early
For my life to be ending
For this body to simply rot away
Verse 5
I want some magic to keep me alive
I want a miracle; I don't want to die
I'm afraid that if I go to sleep I'll never wake
I'll no longer exist
I'll close my eyes and disappear
And float into the mist
Verse 6
Somebody, please hear me
My hand can't hold a cup of coffee
My fingers are weak, things just fall away
Inside I'm young and pretty
Too many things unfinished
My very breath taken away
Verse 7
Doctor, you're no magician, and I am no believer
I need more than faith can give me now
I want to believe in miracles, not just belief in numbers
I need some magic to take me away
Verse 8
I want some magic to sweep me away
Visit on this starlit night
Replace the stars, the moon, the light; the sun's gone
Fly me through this storm
And wake up in the calm
I fly right through this storm
And I wake up in the calm

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