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Cain & Abel
Lyrics and Meaning

Mar 23, 1999

Cain & Abel Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Now have you read of the fable of Cain and Abel?
Once they were in a scandal that shook the town.
Cain became mighty jealous of brother Abel,
So he rose up and smote Abel down.
Verse 2
Now the Lord sure was hopping mad,
And yet he was plenty sad,
to think that he had a man like Cain.
Verse 3
The Lord spoke and showed his wrath,
And Cain walked the path
That led to a life full of pain.
Verse 4
You can't run from the shadow of retribution.
If you're bad then you gotta pay for your wrongs.
Let yourself take a lesson from Cain and Able:
Verse 5
Don't lament, be content,
Don't resent what the Lord has sent,
And you'll find that you're bound to get along.

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