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Buzzard Song
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Buzzard Song Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Boss, dat bird mean trouble
Once de buzzard fold his wing an' light over yo' house,
All yo' happiness done dead
Buzzard keep on flyin' over, take along yo' shadow
Verse 2
Ain' nobody dead dis mornin'
Livin's jus' begun
Two is strong where one is feeble
Man an' woman livin', workin',
Verse 3
Sharin' grief an' sharin' laughter,
An' love like Augus' sun
Trouble, is dat you over yonder
Lookin' lean an' hungry?
Verse 4
Don' you let dat buzzard keep you
Hangin' round my do'
Ain' you heard de news this mornin'?
Step out, brudder, hit de gravel
Verse 5
Porgy who you used to feed on,
Don' live here no mo'
Ha, ha, ha, ha! Buzzard, on yo' way!
Ole age, what is you anyhow,
Verse 6
Nuttin' but bein' lonely
Pack yo' things an' fly from here,
Carry grief an' pain
Dere's two folks livin' in dis shelter
Verse 7
Eatin', sleepin', singin', prayin'
Ain' no such thing as loneliness
An' Porgy's young again
Verse 8
Buzzard, keep on flyin',
Porgy's young again

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