Lucky Dube Kiss No Frog cover

Kiss No Frog
by Lucky Dube
Lyrics and Meaning

Sep 14, 2012

Kiss No Frog Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
She wanted to be like her mother in many ways
The way she walks, the way she smiles
Over and above all
The way she brushes her hair back
She heard it all being said to her
Saw it all happeneing in her life
Like every woman
She's been trapped in this fairy tale
Find a frog, kiss it
And hope it would turn into a handsome prince
How many frogs had she kissed in her life
None of them turned into a handsome prince
The little girl made a decision in her life, oh
And she promised to keep it
Verse 2
I'm gonna kiss no frog
Verse 3
Everything went the way she wanted
Every dream was what she wanted
But when it came to finding someone
To spend her life with
Same old story
Verse 4
Find a frog, kiss it
And hope it'll turn into a prince, oh
Better to be alone and happy
Then being with someone and being unhappy
All your life
Verse 5
I'm gonna kiss no frog

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