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Nov 24, 2021
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iNSāYNE Lyrics

Lujyin always fly so refer me as a pilot
Culinary expert so you know all my pies lit
I got homie Robin just like Batman's sidekick
Gunning for ya head but you needa watch out for them sidekicks

Wild, wild goat, head first into danger
Keep that Louisville like I'm a Texas Ranger
Sickest loony in the world I think I got cancer
Always been a millionaire just waiting on my transfer

Opportunity ain't fair its really cutthroat
You think you got yourself a chance but there's no telling where it goes
You got to open up your mind when the doors start to close
But try to throw a diss, I'll have you disposed

With the blam
Ima put in work to get them bands
Can't walk in my shoes until you've ran
Motha fuckas do not understand

What it takes to be a goddamn man
Hear what I'm saying
I gotta make rent
Clocks don't recognize sorrow, no time to vent, say

Hold up today is the day
Choppa whoppa yo ass all thru the damn day
Really want that beef cause I'm serving by the plate
Hit ya out the park now I'm running towards home plate, mane

I'm hungry for the bill ima eat a whole buffalo
Grubbing on the dirty tray, use to whip up sloppy joes
Now surfing on yo turf go head hit that Pappadeaux
I be making grown men bread, that's papa's dough

Yala yala gotta get this work in now ami vamonos
No work at the crib, keep that shit at the bungalow
Got about 2 grand enclosed in an envelope
I don't ever wire shit especially thru the telephone

Part you play in my game is smaller than a cameo
Set yo ass up then knock you down like some dominos
AR-15 with a special beam, call that Piccolo
Guarantee you gone be hopping like an antelope

Let em know, call me Kemba as I walk uh floor
Call the crazy white folks that be raven like its Baltimore
Rolling up that sticky icky burning down big optimos
Optimal performance is required when retrieving dope

I'm going Super Saiyan, young kid got that glow
Shining no spray tan, slick like Banana Boat
Choppa in the Chevy, so i gotta ride slow
I got that Tom Brady cause yo boy always throwed

Bitch ima dog, with some gold fangs
Say some stupid shit, I might just swang
Hard Body Gang, this is what I claim
Number one thang, thang
Always keep that bang, bang

I don't play no games, games
I'd die for the gang, gang
We not from the same plains
We dont think the same thang

Man this ain't no thing
Im finna put these boys to shame
But tell me, How do I maintain
The rap game's mainframe in my brain I'm going iNSāYNE

Writer(s): Lujyin Taylor
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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