Just Because cover
Just Because cover

Just Because Lyrics Meanings
by Mad One, Baby Beesh, Latino Velvet, Mr. G, Jay Tee


Just Because Lyrics

[Verse 1] (Mad One):
Its a Limousine full of smoke - smoking big baby
Going off the Hennessey and Coke - drinking big baby
She don't belong
Rollin' on chrome
International players on the microphone
Asi es, why no para
So calle de la muerca
why no mendidas nada
Me gusta como bailar
En es samias desmerada strailas

[Verse 2] (Jay Tee):
Ah, she gone up and she like goes to
But still I put it up like I'm posed to
I fuck with sqaws let you squares cleed'n get close to
I got that one that cheerleads for the Raiders
She love the way I walk my 3000$ alligators
My pimp Pat, the marvell Cane,
The pinky greens and the platinum chains
She said she always want to do it on the danceflo'
I took a shyders and gin and told her get up out your pants ho'

[Verse 3] (Baby Beesh):
Now who said westcoast-rap was dead?
Squares never recognized they my birthday had
Couse I don't get jiggy
I don't holla Shorty
Grew up on Too $hort, Ice Cube and E-40
One live one luv
Goin' out for dub
Cutt'n up a little rug
Carshow, to the club
Westside gettin' hotter
Scarlight been scutter
Sellin' mo' rocks then off a cook damn butter

[Verse 4] (Frost):
Enough wid man
When you gon' see that
Man, couse I hustle when I always make G stacks
We sais, that I ain't stitchy with it
I spit the bally of the cuff, fill it up and let the homies hit it
Man, you can hit it if you want to
Hennessy and coke so got me actin' a fool
I'm on a 1-10, baby take a trip with me
I get you to the gus and you can strip for me

[Verse 5] (Mr. G):
Hit the club
Telly shots of Tequila
With my mija
Shake her pocita
And her falquita
Lo que bonita
My taffest chica down with the clicka
Mira, mira baby!
I like your steelo
Mine just free'oh
Keep it on the teelo
When I hit it
You know I killed it
You know you paid for the chillin'
But you just won't admit it

[Verse 6] (Cisco):
I'm a 100%er
2 G's representer
Cold as the winter
From the moment I inner
I'm full throttle
Bright to die
that's my motto in the fast lane
Drinking champaign out the bottle
Thug style on the danceflo' pop my colla'
Bump and grind
With the fine little sexy mama
Tellin' me daily let's go home you know
Sup, I don't want to dance no mo'
I just want to fuck


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Just Because Meanings

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