Let's Ride cover
Let's Ride cover

Let's Ride Lyrics Meanings
by Mad One, Mr. Lil One, Frost


Let's Ride Lyrics

[Mr. Lil One]*Talkin*
Yo this is what we fin to do

[Chorus: Mad One (Mr. Lil One)]
Let's ride ride, slip and slide
(From my side to your side)
Let's ride ride, slip and slide
(From my spot to your block)

[Mr. Lil One]
Well I'm Lil One I got bitches galore
You may have a lot bitches but I got much more
Wit my super duper hit's and my chin check tips
Dick between the tits and I'm aimin at the lips
Chips by the dozens and I might when of your cousins
Even know your sister, she tried to give me blisters
Now she goes around tellin people that I kissed her
Mr. Lil One be the one wit the women
Swimmin in em, but I know about the venom
I send em on their way, right away when they play
Let me tell you about this bitch I met the other day
Walkin down the block, and we parked and we talked
Came over my house, she was bobbin on the cock
Isn't that a shame, I got a little fame
I'm all up in your girl and I don't even know her name
Damn what a hassle, I'm an asshole

[Mad One]
Stumblin, wobblin out the cantina
That's when I seen her, nasty cochina
Met her through her prima
Quick to approach, puffin on a roach
Blowin smoke, baby wants to choke
Broke lil ass, had a cash
Straight to the point, left lipstick on my joint
Started askin questions, What I've been up to?
Still makin the music that you ride and bump to
Professional hooker that strips for the chips
Pierced nipples and clit, likes to play wit the whips
Exotic, erotic, you want it you call it
But watch your play boy cause she's out for the wallet
Ready for the smackdown, pornos in the background
Hi-jack a pussy, slap her, known to be a nut cracker
And if you at there payin, she straight up playin
The role of a spouse but never at the house

We gotcha feelin the funk from your neck to your feet
High Diego shit make you get out your seat
You know what time it is every time you see me
All the freaks in the front always beggin for a piece
Of this spicy young thug, all out for the blood
But you won't see that Siccmade fightin in the club
I got to much love for them cats out there
And them hoochies and hoodrats with no underwear
You can stare if you wish, caution is blindin
You look so surprised, to see that Siccness rhymin
Good timin, Goodfellas, we know how to rock-a-fella
Infamous lyricist gotcha reachin like Helen Keller
Turn that shit up, Sicc and Lil One is gotta bump
Platinum bound Sickos via satellite, now what
Across the gloe we go, into new deminsions
Third world countries, Caribbean, big pimpin

Now the party don't start til I walk in
And I probably won't leave until the thing ends
So in the mean time, and in between times
If you work your shit, I'll work mine
Man we came here together so we could have fun
Frost, Malo Uno, Sicc and Lil One
The Latin Kings, ready to do big things
Like some big time West Coast rap machines
I'ma give you what I got and baby that's plenty
Gon, make it crack, baby back at the telly
Gonna make you wet, gon make you sweat
Just to see how nasty you can get
Chill on the set wit a glass of moet
And if you can't back up what you say
Then you ain't shit
Yeah, ain't no actin, play time's over
I'm drunk and bizzin and puffin on doja


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