Armani Exchange

Armani Exchange Lyrics Meanings
by MadeYaHosang
ft. Lightning Scar Branden


Armani Exchange Lyrics

Cashed boy productions
Y'all are about to witness greatness
Let em know who throws the livest parties in Miami man
Yeah that's us, true
Whitness, tell em where we at Malik
We in this bitch

I'm ballin' on these niggas and I pull up in that coupe
I stay plottin' shit, and you haven't got a clue (You don't)
Ima continue, and keep finessing you (Finesse)
And ima keep it real with you this is what I do (Slide)
I spit the truth, like I'm a preacher
Listen to words my bitch, I can be ya teacher
On the feature, killing n****s I'm the reaper, You a leacher
I'm right beneath ya, slam yo head into the bleacher (Bam)
Walk through smelling like a pound of gas (That loud)
That premium shit, you smoking on that trash (Fuck n***a)
I'm on that savage tip, and I might come off as brash, so I live everyday like its mother-fucking last
You ass with no cash, you fail you do not pass (Nope)
I aim like it's my task, I know I'm just to fast (Ay)
You had just looked back, but I already passed
You see this paper that I make, its something you'll never have, bitch

Armani, Armani, Armani, Armani
Armani, Armani, Armani, Armani
Armani, Armani, Armani, Armani
Armani, Armani, Armani, Armani
Cashed boy productions

Armani X, your money little
My designer bags signed with J's in the middle
That's life goals (True), I'm psycho (Who), I ball hard (Me), like mike hoe (23)
What is the time (I don't know), Armani exchange (Shit)
I don't have time for your ass, let's slide, I'm out in a blink
This shits impossible, for your own sake, rays on my face cause I throw shade
I'm killing this shit, Yeet on these hoes (Yeet), Yeet on these hoes (Yeet)
Finesse on these hoes (Finesse)
Wherever we go, that is truth man 25 knows
25, we in this bitch, 25 dicks in ya bitch, getting the pass with the assist, girls text me will it be lit like

Versace, Versace, Medusa head on me like I don't like Gucci (No)
Truly I don't' fuck with Versace, hate wearing dead guys on me (nope)
Ay, man, I rock straight Armani, keep it a hunnid no lies, look in my eyes I make a hunnid bands (How long)
Bout a week, same time, it takes to turn yo bitch into a freak (that's nasty)
Eating pizza with me, steak and lobster in little Italy, bonjourno
Deliver her to yo front door like DiGiorno (I'm here)
She dangerous Id thought you should know, Ay we could set up
Exchange the hoe with Georgio Armani
Armani, Armani, designer is on me, I'm rocking Armani, Its only Armani hoe

Armani, Armani, Armani, Armani
Armani, Armani, Armani, Armani
Armani, Armani, Armani, Armani
Armani, Armani, Armani, Armani

Writer(s): Justin Hosang
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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