Just Try'n 2 Live
Just Try'n 2 Live

Just Try'n 2 Live Lyrics Meanings
by Mally King
ft. Vito Brown


Just Try'n 2 Live Lyrics

When I get faded
My aim is to be the greatest
I elivated
To drift away from the haters
My vapors
Leave you in Aw
My God
We Break The law
Like 36
My Team Sick Savages at the bank
Sophisticated my lord
We all Just trying live
Getting money by the minute
Hustle Handle my biz
Bitches can not penetrate the skin
I'm trying win
My focus on another level
I done boxed with the devil
I got ills on my mind
Searching seeking the signs
My minds on whats next
Most of you rather flex
Im rolling up, counting cash
Getting money's my fetish
Im use to showing up last
So first is always a blessing
But please
No competition
Just Trying Live
I do this shit for my seed
When I breath its to succeed
My vision outta this world
Built top craft
Thats a wish I never made
Born slave, to the system

Just try'n live
But I'm addicted to these streets
Just try'n live
But I'm out here, I gotta eat
Just try'n live
But all these bitches wanna beef
Just try'n live
So when I live I wanna live in peace

I wrote the hook first
The know my hook worst
Left or right I leave your whole Jaw shook
I read the book first
Then I saw the movie
Like a still picture these haters can't move me Nor can Susie
But my Suzuki
Do 200 on 200
I run through it
Carl Lewis
Or Husain for the youngest
I blew flames for my 2 chains
I make hits then my crew came
And these bitches know my new name
So don't fuck with my food chain
It's money over everything
Even money over new flames
I got time for a new dame
New dame
Check my page you know I do things
My 430 in a new and a new fade
I'm trying to double up my paper cause I made it on the front page
I'm trying to live nigga

Writer(s): jamal Vanderpuije
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
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Just Try'n 2 Live Meanings

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