Marah Cash Second Soul cover

Second Soul
by Marah Cash


Second Soul Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
There's a place where you can go
When you're lower than low
If you want it I can show you
(How to get there)
Verse 2
It's an elevator ride
from your head right down your spine
In the basement you will find
(You're cabbies waiting)
Verse 3
It's a phone booth in the rain
It's a quiet country lane
It's a holiday in Spain
(So come on we're goin')
Verse 4
It's a twenty minute walk
Or a minute in the car
It's a lover in the dark
Verse 5
Soul people shakin' to music that is wakin'
Their hearts up while they're makin'
Their minds up 2 stop fakin'...
Verse 6
With your headphones on the bus
It's the passion and the lust
So electrify your trust
(Shock me baby)
Verse 7
It's the subway to your soul
Just turn on your stereo
There's a place that we can go
(So come on we're goin')
Verse 8
You're so not alone as your walkin down the street
Your soul is your lover
There ain't no other
Walk on my brother
'Till we move in perfect soul
There's a part of you called Soul
There's place that we call Soul
Verse 9
There's a party ragin' on
Where you're popular 'till dawn
There's a lampshade on your head
(but everybody wants you)
Verse 10
So turn off all your lights
It's your favorite song tonight
If you need to spend a while
In the part of you...

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