Marie Hines Metal Bird cover

Metal Bird
by Marie Hines
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Verse 1
Marie Hines
Metal Bird
Japanese Blossoms
Verse 2
Climb into a metal bird
With a hundred people you don't know
The only thing in common is where you're going
Verse 3
While you're sharing oxygen
You ask your neighbor where he's been
Every story different but somehow all the same
Verse 4
Ladies floating down the aisle
Their golden wings have traveled miles
Pointing out the exits
As you settle to your seat
Verse 5
Trees that tower ten feet high
Form dots beneath the open sky
And traces of the thinnest lines
Our largest interstates
The buildings 50 stories tall of people
You can't please them all
Watch the skyline as they start to fade
Verse 6
Everything is smaller
Everything is smaller from here
Verse 7
As they dim the cabin lights
We become the satellites
Sailing through the darkness
Blending with the stars
Verse 8
The city wears her Sunday best
Her heart beating through her chest
Like Christmas lights and tinsel
Verse 9
Cars are crawling down below
As they race to where they go
Every hurried motion slows
Within the atmosphere
All the vibrant colors fade
To browns and greens and blues and grays
Follow through the city's veins
To see if your house is near
Verse 10
Everything is smaller
Everything is smaller from here

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