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Let Me Watch
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Let Me Watch Lyrics

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Verse 1
Ay! Here we go!
Colli boy! Wh-wh-what's the scenario?
Me and Mario comin' through your stereo
So young, so fly, so rich
I know you gotta hate this
Verse 2
Let me watch
I don't wanna take 'em off just yet let me watch
Let me watch
I don't wanna take 'em off just yet let me watch you
Verse 0
I can be all the man you wanna come home and talk to
Can't wait to take those right off you
Wanna do anything you need
If you just, please, open up, please
Let me watch, please, let me watch you
Verse 3
Pillowcases by the hot fireplace
Watch the bubbles overlap while I pour one in the glass
I came here to watch you, baby, to watch you
Don't be afraid of the couch cause, baby, I got you
Verse 4
Better yet, go and get up, I ain't gon' tell you again
Why don't you stand over me and let me see what it is
And maybe my tastin' with your rotation
Will show you why I couldn't wait to get to the crib
Verse 5
Damn you feel so good to me
I figured I should just take some time
And only do what a man needs to do
When a man there to keep his woman pleased
Verse 6
What you want again?
Wanna make sure that you come again
Wanna be the one you call again
To fulfill all your needs
Verse 7
[Chorus 2x]
Verse 8
No sheets, ghetto, keepin' it ghetto
Birthday suit, baby all in stilettos
Baby, come here, baby, baby, come here
And let me give you what homie wasn't able to give
Verse 9
Don't be scared about it
Go on and put your hands around it
Damn, you put your hands around it
Girl, what you're doin'
Verse 10
If I play with that, think about it
Do that lil' thing around it
Don't you dare try to leave without this
Just keep doin' what you're doin'
Verse 11
Don't, don't take it out, baby, don't take it out
You could take as much time as you want, take it out
Trust me, I won't hit that and be gone
Just fulfill all your needs
Verse 12
Verse 13
Damn, shawty got it goin' on
From her head to her clothes, how she throw it on
But I'm tryin' to see her take it off
It's like football, I plan on goin' long, hut hut
Verse 14
I plan on goin' deep
You the ground, I'm the casket, I'm goin' six feet
Yeah, baby, I'm a fully loaded freak
One in the head, don't make me bust off my piece
Verse 15
Them other dudes soft like sheets
Me, I'm tryin' to get you on my sheets
Tobago shorts say 'pink'
Oh, those Victoria's Secrets
Verse 16
And I know how to keep a secret
So I won't tell nobody what we did
No but we could chill and pop Heavy bottles
We can ride in the Phantom while the Bentley follows
Verse 17
Verse 18
Let me watch you 'cause I can be the man
You wanna come home to, baby
That'll do anything that you need
Oh baby, oh please, let me watch you

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