Kryptonite Lyrics Meanings
by Mario
ft. Rich Boy


Kryptonite Lyrics

I'm trying to save us girl...
They got that...
They got that kryptonite...

[Verse 1:]
It seems the more I try to do right,
The more I lie about being at sessions and leaving at certain times,
She's like, "Where you at?"
I'm at the studio at home,
and I'm thinking to myself we cut that record days ago
Cause shorty on the east side, hit me and want to know if I could stop by,
Now I'm contemplating what I am gonna say, bout this being the umpteenth time that I'm late

I wanna be your superman,
I'm trying to save our love the best way that I can,
Cause these girls they're like kryptonite,
These girls my kryptonite,
These girls got kryptonite,
These girls my kryptonite,
And I really wanna make it work, but I cant stop messing round,
I keep doing dirt,
Cause these girls they're like kryptonite,
These girls my kryptonite,
These girls got kryptonite,
These girls my kryptonite,
Oh baby

[Verse 2:]
It's like the more I brush them off, the more they call,
The more I want to tell them that I'm not involved,
With anyone, when I know it's you,
Wanna tell the truth but it's just so hard to do,
Caught up in me again it's driving me crazy
It's the reason I won't tell em i got a lady,
Now I'm trying to contemplate on what I am gonna say, on this being the umpteenth time that I'm late

No matter what I do, I know that your my true love,
But I just cant help it to get caught up with all these broads,
Sittin' here with this mic in my hand,
Trying to make all the words to make my baby understand


oooh yeah yeah

[Verse 3:]
I want you to be my Louis Lane,
Girl I promise I'm gonna change, and it ain't gonna be this way forever,
Girl I'm gonna get myself together, cause your the one I love,
Because your like a drug that I can't get enough of,
I'm just so confused, don't know what to do,
Cause the way that it's feeling, I like how it's feeling,
It's getting so hard, to fight that feeling

[Rap: Rich Boy]
I'm a rich boy riding in my big superstar shit,
The one girls try to get they text me on my sidekick
Bring em to my palace, tell em take it off we make a flick,
Every night I do it so at least one chick I gotta get
Just like kryptonite them girls make me super weak,
Suck my dick and play with me until they put me straight to sleep,
Twenty girls on my sheets, seven days out the week,
It's hard trying to hold it down with groupies trying to get with me,
I stay dreaming, fantasizing, with my eyes closed,
I love you girl but I'm addicted to them hoes
If ballin' is a sin then God please forgive me,
My women so bad and my money so filthy really

[Chorus: x2]

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