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Calypso Girl
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Oct 7, 2014

Calypso Girl Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Down in Jamaica where the soft winds blow
I took a trip it was a long time ago
From distant shores the music gently played
And I was hypnotized by a dark skinned girl that danced and whirled
Quickly I knew I was in love with that calypso girl
Verse 2
Dance and whirl calypso girl you could never give your heart
Dance and dine and drink the wine
But someday you will know what makes the lonely teardrops start
Verse 3
She danced in Del Camino Inn each night
And how I longed to kiss and hold her tight
Her sparkling eyes were burning just for me
We celebrated and with kisses warm she led me on
She promised she would wait for me while I was gone
Verse 4
Dance and whirl calypso girl...
Verse 5
The night I left she said she loved me so
And went into another's arms I know
They raised their glass and drank a toast to love
And then she danced for him with eyes that tempt and form that whirls
For no one love could hold the heart of calypso girl
Verse 6
Dance and whirl calypso ...
Verse 7
Back to Jamaica I did go one day
Down to Camino Inn to hear them play
Outside the door was a woman dressed in rags
No one would care to see that beggar woman dance and whirl
It broke my heart to know it was my calypso girl
Verse 8
Dance and whirl calypso girl...
Verse 9
Verse 10

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