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Verse 1
I used to give u to much power
Trust me them days is over
Cant understand how I
Let chu sit on my shoulders
Dems times when you messed up
I made excuses for
And I always knew it that I should've headed for the door
But I stayed and you played the right way in your place
And I prayed every time you was away you'd see my face
But the me was you and your
Pain was mine and the
Same situation playin' over in my mind
It seems
Verse 2
Ain't tryna hear you
Jus' tryna hear me
Don't wanna hear nothin',
Its selfishly
I blamin' you for the hurt in me,
But its not your fault that
I'm so incomplete
Verse 3
You see every time I do it do it
I seem to ruin
Got this funny way of fallin' in love
And its affecting how im breathing
Affectin' how I'm eatin'

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