Conclusion - Silver Platter cover
Conclusion - Silver Platter cover

Conclusion - Silver Platter Lyrics Meanings
by Master Chef Toast


Conclusion - Silver Platter Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah it's the conclusion yo
I hope you enjoyed the movie
Silver Platter

This is my silver platter
But understand at the dinner held by Jesus at the temple
They'll always be Peter to stab ya'
Deny you like they never laid an eye on you
People these days are not reliable
I gave water to a queen, a life or two
But when it broke it wasn't my child spewed
I'm on the same flight as a few as a wise had flew
So my fine boo, you'll get the point if you mindful
But I know you are as smart as one can tell
It was hard as hell living in a muddy shell
But believe me baby for every darkest world there's a sunny well
The road to riches is longer than the way to the office precinct
But I chose this business
And I feel like I'm close to a finish
It is as nail biting as the way they frightened
But hope shall remain inside of me for as long as it stays rising
Stop acting hard my nigga you ain't a tyrant
You claim highness but your point isn't as sharp as a brain enlightened
When I blaze or rhyming on these tapes is timeless
Music recorded to outlive the day I'm dying
To live we eat, water is meant to be thirst quenching
It's that holy drink in my chalice as I'm relaxing
An avalanche of depression
Work is worthless
First it snatches your gift at birth and purpose
Then compensate you with security for the time you should be quest searching
The economy is at its worst recession and firms retrenching
Now you realize that your job is your biggest asset
A liability rather, that they sold as such for keeping puppets
Daddy is self employed
He works the land and soil
Has grand girls and boys
Mommy still felt the moist in his hands and joints as they dance with joy
Now that's what I call wealth and happiness, and that's my exact ending point My Silver Platter
This is Silver Platter
I hope you enjoyed the movie yo,
The Silver Platter

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