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My Love
Lyrics and Meaning

Nov 20, 2017

My Love Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
featuring A Lexus Mr. Serv On
Verse 2
Verse 3
(A Lexus rapping)
Verse 4
Since you fucked up
Verse 5
you ballin' cause i be dissin'
Verse 6
neva thought you would be missin
Verse 7
the huggin and kissin
Verse 8
neva knew you would play me
Verse 9
trying to manage mortgage accounts
Verse 10
change the channel
Verse 11
this bitch keepin' niggaz
Verse 12
warm like flannels
Verse 13
me and mercedes pick it up
Verse 14
for all the bitchez that's hot
Verse 15
keep brawlin' with niggaz
Verse 16
and let them know we don't stop
Verse 17
in the lexxus smoke esco
Verse 18
rappin for you the shit
Verse 19
just cause he say that he love you
Verse 20
don't mean that he hit it!!
Verse 21
Verse 22
Verse 23
this lady, that i've been doesn't want your love
Verse 24
i want to be your friend you tried to be a snake
Verse 25
and you thought that we were through
Verse 26
only one thing has held us up my loven wasn't all for you
Verse 27
i found anotha man so tell how does it feel
Verse 28
Verse 29
(hook performed by mercedes)
Verse 30
if you want my love then you can have it
Verse 31
(now i'm on my own)
Verse 32
as long as you don't come knocking on my door
Verse 33
Verse 34
Verse 35
(Mr. Serv-On)
Verse 36
stay still
Verse 37
let me see the angle
Verse 38
on that ass
Verse 39
i want to knock you up
Verse 40
playaz tell me to pass
Verse 41
if i enter you with my teeth
Verse 42
let me breath
Verse 43
going to the place
Verse 44
5 inches below your waist
Verse 45
and 6 above your kneez
Verse 46
say please cease
Verse 47
all that bullshit hot
Verse 48
make my money get paid short
Verse 49
chill with the no limit tanks
Verse 50
you know i'm rich click!
Verse 51
lights off let me take your
Verse 52
victoria secrets off
Verse 53
you know i could hit it soft
Verse 54
it's me you know nothing inbetween
Verse 55
make you scream cause your ass
Verse 56
like guess jeans knahmean?
Verse 57
you got a problem i'm what ya need
Verse 58
rewind the tape i know 100 ways
Verse 59
to make your legs shake

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