Mathis Haug, Jean‐Jacques Milteau We'll get there by dawn cover

We'll get there by dawn
by Mathis Haug &

Oct 28, 2016

We'll get there by dawn Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Down at the border blue lights burn
snow is falling for the first time in this quiet land
i got a head full of diamonds
at the water the highway turns to sea
the wind carries me
pass the neon signs
by the grace of night
we'll get there by dawn
will you keep the porch light on ?
Made a fortune with wild cards
many fortunes have come and returned to sand
never bet on a sure thing
will you be there when i'll get back to your land
let the red dice red
if just by slide of hand
every chance is bliss
we'll get there by dawn
will you leave your lamp light on?
There's a moon over the bayou
change of addiction i'm turning back up to the fair
we'll be playing for high stakes
i could almost taste it soon it will be there
by your fire side
and your wild ride
there's nothing matter than this
we get there by dawn
keep your love light warm
She'll say raise
i say fold
she let's it ride
and i get bold
the room gets heavy
then i walk away
but i'll be back again one day
i'll be back again one day

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