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by Mboy & MS


Harder Lyrics

We just win like Pep and Sane
We score goals no we don't hit post
(No Way)
She sucks bone deep throat that's dope
No I don't do it for the snap that's gross
(Err Err)
Their left back just like Danny Rose
I use to kick ball do it like Paul Scholes
(Get it)
There like M yeah you got this bro
'Imma put on a show
Trynna earn this doe
She's trynna hold these pipes
But I'm so high like these Thorpe Park rides
Also man I got my rights
I gotta grind hard so I'm known worldwide
I play hard like Memphis Depay
They get pushed back like Virgil Van Djik (Stay back)
I like cash that's how you live life life life

It's your loss if you cut man off
I took a few 'Lz now I gotta go harder (Get it done)
I weren't into this shit I worked harder
Now it's into me now I gotta move smarter
In the T weigh faster 
Fuck all the drama
I need more bands like Obama (More Bands)
Pedal bike miles in the rain
Mind what you say
I don't take no 'wahala
I don't speak with the cobras
I told them S no D
You can't be round me
You should know that the hoes are distractions
I only got time when its talk 'bout P's (Hold it down)
She's like M you don't seem to speak 
If rap don't work then it's back to the streets (Wha you mean)
Cold nights in the ally its peak (Wiwi)
Ayy my darg it's the life you see

I play hard
I work harder
On the field you gotta play smarter (That's right)
Round here we all play like Barca (Ay)
So she comes back round like karma
Do it on peddles we gotta go faster (That's right)
Do it with gang we fight like sparta (That's right)
One bitch 'trynna play like Chan I cut her off no I'm not the barber (Fuck off)
Trynna get rich like Roddy I'm a big stepper in the hood (Uhaa)
I'm out and about with broski girl 'wan chat OT bop for this wood (Ot bop)
Out here I can never lag
Head in the game what's good what's good (What's good)
Morning to night with gang
Head in the game what's good what's good (What's good)
I'm with Buzz my bro my brother (Brother)
I'm wid M my clone my other (That's right)
We just do it like Nike say 'narda
They wanna be like gang they love us
Don't waste my time like Usher (Don't waste)
Don't lie to my face don't stutter (Don't lie)
We don't act for the net like Tucker (Grr)
We 'jugg everyday with hunger (Grr)
No days off I gotta get lizzy (Lizzy)
Being broke weren't part of the plan
Step in the hood you know we get busy
Pc John is about it's chilli (Chilli)
I gotta watch out for the piggy's, They didn't wanna know back then
Now they all say hello like kitty

I can see who's fake or real
Can't fool me now you dumb lil suckers (Ugh)
I been out from early
Trynna get 'worky
Get up you lazy fuckers (Get it up)
Their stacking for summer I'm stacking for life (For life)
I guess they're high or 'suttin'
Girls can wait mans 'trynna get paid (Two secs)
What you know 'bout taking them trips
Taking them risks
Around this town 
(Let's go)
In the P mans earning
Lame boys hurting
'Cus fans heard us now
Now they're trynna sly fuck with the gang  
Aye rude boy man your out of bounds 
You weren't there when the times were rough 
So why you here lil boy you clown
(Clown clown clown clown)

Man I'm out going A to B like K I'm out doing laps like Farah (Farah)
Mum keeps belling my line from time I'm out till late don't bother
Bum boys begging
The girls them stressing
Bitch just keep it 1-hunna
(That's right)
I do it with Buzz don't question me
Fuck what you heard you sucker (Uha)
I'm out playing hard with my brother (Mhm)
Niggas wanna talk don't stutter (Don't stutter)
We out 'twenny fours fuck supper, supper
They mention my name one lover
They wanna be gang what a bummer (What a bummer)
Niggas round me chase gwoppa (Chase gwoppa)
She call's me hot like the summer (Uhaa)
They look up to me like Obama

Two Fours man's getting all 'worky
(Worky worky)
'Nuff times man's been on a bop
Feet's all hot
Nuttin' like Turkey (Get it)
Done the Tour de France with bro
I delivered some shit same colour as hershys (Wha you mean)
One baddie shes 5 ft 5
Cuz you know she's getting all churpsy
Ford Focus pulls up man looks up
It's the boys in blue not Chelsea (Billy)
I reacted so fast like Walkz
While the whip came fast like Ferdi (Err Err)
Thot gyal round town want dick
Not right now man please don't bell me (Naa)
She's telling me she wanna get dirty
'Arghh this ones moving thirsty
(Slow Down)
They know I'm hoodrich in the ends we 'jugg till we all go clear (Go clear)
I'm near to the top oh dear
They get nervous I'm the guy they fear
Give me more bands like Britney Spears
Round here 'twenny fours we work all year (That's right)
No lazy shit not here (Not here)
We don't act for da net like Piers (Mhm)
Round here it's like snake and ladders (Ladders)
Keep it real don't act like slackers (Uha)
Two four seven working it matters
Piss off bro he don't know about manners
'Inda field I play like Kaka (Kaka)
Some niggas left back like Saka
We're not da same them man cappers (Cap)
Round here real niggas like Baka

Writer(s): Manassé Ikala, Mboy Mboy, Moshè Ikala, MS MS
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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