Mel B Feels So Good cover

Feels So Good
by Mel B

Sep 8, 2003

Feels So Good Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Oh yeah (I love you baby) (oh yeah) - 3x
Oh yeah, feels so good
I´m loving you, like I should
Remembering, how it feels
Letting go to have you near
Oh yeah, feels so good
I never thought, that it could
My feelings are deep inside
This love I found won´t ever hide
Verse 2
Let´s go from the very start
When we met you and I were inseperable
All at once we swapped our hearts
Knowin that we had it right
People got involved with us
I should have pushed them all away
Now I know what went wrong
Why did it take me so long
Lovin´ you, lovin´ you, is the easy part
Now I know, Now I know, what to do with this
Me and you, me and you, keepin it tight
'cause two of a kind makes us so right
Verse 0
I know how I want you
I know how I need you
Together we´ll always be
Ever after happily
Feeling free, you and me
No one can touch us now
That is how it´s got to be
Each passing day, we grow stronger still
Like the after taste of a bitter pill
Keep the hurt and pain far away from me
Warm me in your glow of the ecstasy
Verse 3
Ladies holler if you hear me
Fellas holler if you feel me
Everybody can you see me
'cause two of a kind makes us so right
Verse 4
[Chorus 2x]
Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah
I love you baby oh yeah - 3x
Verse 5

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