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You Never Say Good Luck On Opening Night
by & Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
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November 17, 2005

Song Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
And I just want to wish everybody, good luck
Mr. Bloom, hasn't anyone ever told you
It's bad luck to say, "Good luck" on opening night
Verse 2
If you do, I tell you
It is certain by the curtain
You are through
Verse 3
Good luck
Verse 4
It's bad luck to say, "Good luck" on opening night
Once it's said, you are dead
You will get the worst reviews
You've ever read
Verse 5
Good luck
Verse 6
Even at the Comedie-Francaise
On the opening night they are scared
"Bon chance, mes amis," no one says
The only word you ever hear is
Verse 7
Good luck, good luck, good luck
Verse 8
It's verboten, wishing luck on opening night
Take advice, don't think twice
Or your show will surely end
Up in the Scheiss
Verse 9
Guten lucken
Verse 10
At the famous La Scala in Milan
On opening night it's a rule
In Boccu Lupa they say with Elan
And just for luck they all shout
"Bah fongool"
Verse 11
I got it, now I'll never say
"Good luck" on opening night
That's the rule, I'm no fool
What do I say, I beg?
Verse 12
What you say is,
"Break a leg"
Break a leg?
Yes, break a leg
Verse 13
If you're clever
Good luck
You'll endeavor
To never, never, never, never
Ever, ever, ever say
On opening night
Verse 14

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