Melissa Etheridge Mercy cover

by Melissa Etheridge
Lyrics and Meaning

Feb 10, 2004

Mercy Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Well I have lived ten years plus ten
And ten and ten again
I have seen too much to pretend
Then you wanted to come in
I have survived all of the lies
They made me wise
The locks and walls and the peace it buys
Still when I look into your eyes
It's a surprise when you say
Verse 2
It's gonna be all right
It's gonna be okay
Just hold on tight
Let it all go away
Verse 3
Oh mercy mercy baby
What do you want from me
Verse 4
Well I plead mercy mercy baby
I do not know what this all means
It's been awhile since I been stylin'
In just my jacket and my jeans
It hurts to walk it hurts to talk
It hurts to think about it
Shout about it
Could I be sure without a doubt
That you could never live without me
Verse 5
I want to fall in you crawl in you
Surrender all in you now
Could I be sure in you pure in you
Finding the cure in you
Now I plead have mercy on me
Verse 6
Now I am kneeling at the alter
In the temple of your eyes
And I am asking for a miracle
I have been too long paralyzed
When you say get up and stand up
And climb the rope of hope
And open up again
Oh the peace you say is promised me
Seems too much to comprehend

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