All I Want for christmas
All I Want for christmas

Melly Chi - All I Want for christmas Lyrics

Dec 27, 2021
All I Want for christmas Music Video

All I Want for christmas Lyrics

Im getting green like a Christmas

Theses hoe hoe hoes thats all i

I get the hoes just call me Santa i
Poured the wok all up in my fanta

I got on all red yea just call me

Not gang banging not talking bout
No bandana

Yo bitch wanna fuck yea she want
The banana

Serving that white no Hannah

No Mj we got the dirty Diana

Bitch old tryna be young give it up
You a nana

Ni**a dont get no hoes he look Like he Santa

Stole yo bitch on Christmas just
Call me the grinch

Yea i threw a punch yea i made
That Ni**a Flinch

I cant have that bitch all for my

It's other ni**as out here that's
Tryna bone yea

She a whole treesh thats how she

Make my wish come true yea let a
Ni**a bone

All i want for Christmas yea bitch
Thats you

Run up on me get shot just like a

All I Want For Christmas Is You Lil Bitch

The glock it go do do doo run up
On get shot just like a baboon

Im Chi ima blow up soon
Yo bitch in my crib and she Making me bacon
Cant fuck with hoes yea if she Basic
Don't care bout no presents as long as i make it

Writer(s): Malachi Hill
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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