Eat Your Feelings cover
Eat Your Feelings cover

Eat Your Feelings Lyrics Meanings
by Open Mike Eagle
feat. Method Man, Video Dave


Eat Your Feelings Lyrics

I ain't never ate like this before
You don't understand
You don't know what I've been through
Naw mean?
You 'bout to go above and beyond right now

I grew up in a food desert
Ate dirt, I'ma do better
Y'all old school, I got knew cheddar
I said fuck food, I'ma chew sweaters, yeah
I bought me a Rollie, so I could eat the stones
I'm poppin' little bitty bottles, 'cause I drink cologne
What that mean? It mean yesterday I ain't have things
I was tired of having these black beans
So today I'm eatin' that flat screen, yeah
On my boulevard, we ain't got no cookie jar
For desert we eatin' Michael Jordan rookie cards
That's big league
Money salad, that shit's green
And I'm home, snackin' on comic books
Amazin' fantasy, fifteen
Feed me fashion, I'm Galactus
Chewin' on your universe
Keep your sushi, I'm too bougie
Fry me up that Gucci purse
They said dinner's at 9, I pushed for earlier
I pushed the menus aside and said cook this furniture I got that brand new money
Yeah, I just got paid
I'm tradin' mac-a-roni
For them gold rope chains
I got mills, I'll eat grills
I'll eat hunned dollar bills
I'm feelin' like a million bucks
Baby, I eat how I feel

I don't eat food, no, I eat the plates
All the forks and knives
'Fore we speak the grace
Want the birthday candles
I don't need the cake
I bite the hand that feeds me
'Fore I eat the grapes, yeah
Expensive taste
I eat Louis sandals and even Gucci
Groupies with edible drawers
But we just eat the coochie
My ex, ha, if I eat the cookies, that's X-box
Little Playstation with some red hot
She got junk food and I'm Red Fox, yeah
If only barbie knew
She'd bar me from the Bar-B-Que
After I eat the bar and grill
I might eat barbie too
Yeah that white girl
That tie laces too tight girl
With a snack or meal
She with the man of steel
So I'mma keep on feedin' her pipe, girl
Put that crack up on a cracker
Then I feed it to the birds
Make a rapper eat a wrapper
Then I make him eat his words
Come get these nouns and verbs
Get what you now deserve
I sprinkle sugar on shh
And call it Brown 'N Serve, ya

Writer(s): Clifford Smith, Michael W. Eagle II, TK Kayembe
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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