Methodman & Redman Fire Ina Hole cover

Fire Ina Hole
by Methodman & Redman

Fire Ina Hole Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
With all due respect to the game, I'm the P-H-enom
Not ready for prime time, be-yond, extinction
Change your way of thinkin, or be-gone
Fast the fuck out, somethin stinkin
Could it be the skunk, or could it be that body in the trunk
Of my Lincoln, Continental style pop the pussy like a pimple
I'm fed up, I put it in your ear and fuck ya head up
Turnin up the temperature, hold them kids that entered the
36th, master mix shit
Biohazardous, pretentious
Do it for the chemically imbalanced
State your business, pay me at the door
I am Man, hear me roar on twelve inches
Shell shocked soldier in the trenches
Fire in the hole game commences
Third string rappers play the benches
Reload, there'll be no repentance for souls
Just life sentence, with no chance for parole
And that's real
Verse 2
Fire in the hole
Verse 3
Yes, yes, yes yo yo, yo
Gundowned at sundown
Run now from the bucks sound, touchdown
Your crew wanna punt now? Punk BLAOW
Swimmin trunks torn up from the huntdown
Brakes lock em up now, a rich bitch knock em up now
A plucked out eyebrow gal
Naw dawg, a broad got to be a huzzy
A hoodrat that ride like the "Bride of Chucky"
Walk through my hood, your jewels they scream "Tug me"
Mind revolve' to reload like a SCSI
Doc, Da Bigfoot out for da SQUOOSH
Shell shocked like I'm six months in the bush
Fire in the hole! Hikin in the snow
With forty motherfuckers expirin' the globe
Footprints of Timbs and Wallabee soles
We case the place like Barnaby Jones, homes
Lay it down like plats in ya hair
Ride off withcha money, then clap in the air!
Verse 4
Fire in the hole
Verse 5
This is for dem niggas on Da Bricks, holdin down they block
For my nigga Carlton Fisk a kid who stay up in the box
Ain't no christmas ever since Santa scratched my name
Off the giftlist, shit ain't been the same since "The Pain"
No forgiveness, dead man talkin bout he lifted
I'm livid, hands around the throat of a critic
Yo Doctor, prescribe me a drug that can knock a
Mule on his ass, take the blast out Binaca
For real doe, Arsenic Production that kill slow
Your eardrums, like a happy hooker with a dildo
I spas, on anyone who show his ass
I got the mob with me plus a full tank of gas
Verse 6
Yo yo when Me and Meth swarm, you need a net to cover you
Turn the rap game into W-C-W
Off the rope I hangglide to the throat
Straight beef without french fries and a Coke
"Doc's Da Name", da burglar, I serve ya
The "Lethal 5" from Riggs and Murtaugh
Then SKRRRT out my whip with ran down tires
With a chicken I met who hand out fliers
Look, I'm an Aries, I don't have it
My crew large enough to walk and cause traffic
Bounce like boxsprings on your Kraftmatic
Before you be suin Doc for malpractice
You couldn't bang from start
Your girl see you beat up and shit, get a change of heart
Flaming darts is spittin, name the mark
My impact tore JFK plane apart
Verse 7
Fire in the hole

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