Midge - Karaoke Lyrics

Oct 25, 2021
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Karaoke Lyrics

I hope things are going alright
With that new girl you that you seem to like
Or maybe she's your girlfriend
I don't know
I don't really wanna know

I hope you're not still sad
During the winter like you said you were
When we were together
And I hope she keeps you warm
And you tell her all the things
I used to pray that you'd say to me

I hope you're happy, I really do

But I hope you think of me
When you're singing karaoke
I know that you've moved on, I do
Just please don't forget me too

You didn't ask, but I'm doing alright
There was this new boy that I thought I liked
But I was searching for you in his eyes the whole time
And there's still nobody that truly knows me
But hey, that's just life
Like I met a meteorite that fell
Without ever really knowing him that well

I get that people move on
I think I do

But I hope you think of me
When you're singing karaoke
Or when you're lying underneath the moon

I know I romanticize things
That aren't really that romantic but I
Don't know what the hell to do
To forget you

Still, I hope you think of me when that song comes on I sang for karaoke
I get that people move on,
I think I do,
I just don't get how people do

When the night is your only friend
And nostalgia creeps up on you again
When you're looking up at the moon
Don't you wonder
If I am too?

Writer(s): Megan Clancy
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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