Jack Harlow Freestyle
Jack Harlow Freestyle

Jack Harlow Freestyle Lyrics Meanings
by Mike Anvil

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Jack Harlow Freestyle Lyrics

Back on the streets like I never left
I'm still with the gang and I'm banging my set
And fuck what you claim, Johnny Gang till my death
Ain't shit ever change, now I stay to myself
My life is a movie, I'm playing myself
The way I was moving endangered myself
I stay with the tooly, it hang off my belt
In Mercedes I'm boolin' with K's in the Dale
My brothers they sipping and flaming some Dell
We chasing meal tickets, ain't taking no L's
The shit that I'm whipping, it's parking itself
Baby J rolled a spliff, it ain't sparking itself
This work I been selling a bargain on sale
Doing drops in the Tesla, it's charging itself
My dawg he got metal, he walking himself
Talking down on my fellas, you chalking yourself
I go stupid on the beat, I go retarded
I pressed a button in my Beamer and it started
You fuck with me, I'll get to tweaking, catch some charges
Got out the streets and made a single, who would've thought it
They gave KT another body and she caught it
You beefed with me about a bitch but she's a bodit
You can't be mad about that hoe cause she was jocking
He ran up, he caught a hollow out this rocket

Mikey said he hate that feature but I dropped it
I really liked that Model Three till Kevin bought it
This money piling at my feet, it make me taller
Might just put diamonds in my teeth so I could floss em
Everything is lit, it's all electric like a socket
You talk advance, I got a deal inside my pocket
I move like Marlo, it's a problem then we pop him
I might just call up Jack Harlow and say, "What's Popping?"
You thought you was flexing in a Lexus
Till we pulled up to the spot and Monkler double parked a Bentley
We put a lot of niggas on and want the credit
You hear 500 on a song, that mean I stamped it
513 was at the top, they can't accept it
Then Deezy started Take 500, I respect it
They put a lot of work behind this, I was stepping
I took them crackers on a chase, that shit was deadly

Writer(s): Michael Errar
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Jack Harlow Freestyle Meanings

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