Off Wit His Head
Off Wit His Head

Off Wit His Head Lyrics Meanings
by Mike Anvil

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Off Wit His Head Lyrics

I'ma go stupid on this beat, I ain't got nothing to do
I be too ruthless bout this beef, I ain't got nothing to lose
They know my name already, ain't like I got something to prove
I'm on probation and I'm famous, still be clutching my tool
When you see me pulling up, I'm in a truck or a coupe
I wish he take my shit cause imma end up trunking this dude
I'm finna spank him, niggas play and then end up on the news
Got him deceased, he fucked with me but he was fronting his move
I be with gang, I'm not a gangsta, I'm just misunderstood
This a Tesla so I guess that means the trunk in the hood
When I say I'm bout to cum, that mean I'm dumping the wood
'Fore I go broke, I'll run a play or I'ma buss me a jugg
You would think I engineer the way I bring in the hook
And I robbed Mel in junior year, I hear I still got him shook
Stanky smell like dope in here, my dad taught me how to cook
You can't be round me moving weird cause you'll get killed bout a look
I'm getting money now, my gun the only one who I trust
Ain't paying taxes, tell the IRS to get it in blood
If I want Tony take you off then I'ma give him a dub
She dress like me but she so thick I might just dick down a stud

Rapping nasty, wrapped in plastic, this a brick but it's cut
Well what's the ratio of baking soda, 50 to one
But let a shipment go missing, bitch I'm sticking the plug
I be scheming, I'm the grimiest thing under the sun
I killed a custo but I really don't feel guilty about it
He was a junkie, what the fuck I'm gone do tripping about it?
Me and Fanfan we some hot niggas, Bobby and Rowdy
And if I'm hawking then I know that he'll be stepping behind me
D make money off Adele but I ain't talking the singer
He on computers making mula, Mastercard and them Visas
Told him swiper no swiping, but he pulled up in Beamer
Remember days when we was riding deep in splacks and them steamers
The opps be thinking that they dissing me, that shit it be reaching
He fucked my bitch, I fucked his sister, now I'm thinking we even
She was sucking dick on camera, man that bitch was a eater
Hit the road after December, I'll be back before Easter
Rich niggas in my circle, that's what popping to me
You gotta have at least 100 thou' to lock in with me
There's a price to pay for pressure and it's not gone be cheap
We might just settle for ya life and that is not gone be sweet

Not an inflator when I say I got the pump in the trunk
I pray you niggas take it there cause if it's up then it's stuck
I really hope your piece don't jam, go try your luck or you fucked
Aiming for your chest this time, I'm tryna puncture a lung
You would think I deliver wock the way we keep them chopsticks in the van
I bought Jesus' mom a Huracan, got me singing Mary had a little lamb
My opps had tried to squash it, but I'm not gone be the bigger man
He tried to get me wiped and now he hiding, we gone kill his friends
I always blow a four on Comme Des Garcon when I be in France
Grew up watching Johnny and I told him I'm gone be the man
The flyest one in every room I walk in, I'm like Peter Pan
Jump out that new Mercedes S580, inside cream and tan
These tennis chains on me bout to freeze off my neck
Kwezzy known for dropping em and speeding off in a Vette
Let a nigga cause a problem, gone be off with his head
And don't be calling on my line if we ain't talking bout bread

Writer(s): Michael Errar
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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