Melanese, Pt. 2

Melanese, Pt. 2 Lyrics Meanings
by Millz Davis


Melanese, Pt. 2 Lyrics


I read you like a scanner to a barcode
I'm never giving in
I'll never call fold
Love so dark
Symbolizing the color charcoal
She's a piece of me
Like owned shares on my stock hold
I can keep this thing in tact
Like it's on lock mode
So I hope you keep it cement
Like we're a block mold
I wish we never let that cut
Like the shop closed
So i'm here to detect
No Sherlock Holmes
Only way to ascend
Leading by example
On my way to a sin
Who can you lean on
Just to solely depend
So instead I only put my soul in the pen
How long can we starve it
'Til it's boney again
The skeleton is shedding
Off the broken up skin
The connections anorexic
How it's showing up thin
I'm here to give you both of my hands
Like I'm throwing up 10
I'm not...
Ever looking back
To reminisce
Those flashbacks served their time
I'm not trying to re-enlist
Shots range from the side
How I'm shooting from the hip
Like I'm going off of script
She tried to taxi through my drive
Like you're Uber-ing a Lyft
Flipping out on games
I never played Nintendo switch
I say this to you live
Like I'm streaming it on Twitch
I still have love for you
Like I'm money making Mitch
I pictured every moment
In my minds a collage
She loves a smart guy
Like my first name was Tahj
When life was good
Kelis was still married to Nas
The only real love I know
Is sung by Mary. J Blige
So if the shoe fits
I guess it varies in size
Morally sacred ride
For your time I obliged
I was at a disadvantage
Solely deprived
LLV planted seeds
Farm labor no hodge
Isolated cabin fever
She's a mountain view lodge
The things that you would kill for
To come out alive
Steal sharpens steal
You went and pulled out your knives
Stay 100 one by one
Instead you counted by 5's
For your love I had the itch
Like I broke out in hives
Tap tap tapping in
Like a federal spy
I thought we clicked like Dorothy's heels
In the Wizard of OZ
Feelings moved a lot of weight
As if i'm scaling up pies
Mood changes so polygamous
Like 7, 8 wives
Never thought to blame myself
I don't interrogate lies
Never fix what isn't broken
That's a word from the wise
As we started getting close
It gave in space to divide
I protected you like armor
You were safe on my side
I wrote this out of love
I dug it out from inside
I told myself I wouldn't fall
I set aside all my pride
No matter what
She's still Melanese in my eyes
I had to open up
Like once you cut the ribbon
Wear your faith in me
like a patch
That's True Religion
Strip your mind naked
And dive in like I'm skinny dipping
To make you happy
Was my only mission
I'm going in for seconds
Like I'm double dipping
I play your hand from what I'm dealt
Like I'm the one that's dealing
And that's forever written


Writer(s): Myles Rauch
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Melanese, Pt. 2 Meanings

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