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Me Party
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Jan 6, 2012

Me Party Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I look around
And once again I'm on my own
My man ain't here
He's gone and done me wrong
Verse 2
No one's gonna stop
This girl from having fun
I throw my hands up high
And have a party for one
Verse 3
I'm having a me party
A party by myself
A me party!
I don't need nobody else
Verse 4
I'm having a me party
I'm the first and last to show
There's no one at this party
That I don't already know
Verse 5
I'm not gonna sit around
By myself and wait for you
Haven't you heard
One is the new two
Verse 6
I'm gonna make a scene
I'm gonna make a fuss
Tonight I'm gonna celebrate with
Just the one of us
Verse 7
I'm having a me party
I don't need no invitation
A me party
I just love the conversation
Verse 8
Me party
Verse 9
A party for one, not two ,you do the math Frog
It means I don't need you
Verse 10
I won't lie,
There are times
When I wish I was with you
There are days when all this girl can see
Is a world that's made for two
At times like this I feel alone
And it's like nobody cares
But I only have to call my name
And darling I'll be there!
Verse 11
I'm having a me party
Haven't I seen me here before
A me party
I'm the last one on the dance floor
Verse 12
Me party
A party just for moi
Me party
This is solo mardi gras
Verse 13
Me party
I'm such good company
Me party!
I save the last dance for me
Verse 14
What happens at a Me Party
Stays at a me party

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