Enternal, Pt. II cover
Enternal, Pt. II cover

Enternal, Pt. II Lyrics Meanings
by Mista Clean


Enternal, Pt. II Lyrics

Blood, Sweat, and Tears when I walk in
Thats how I show up
Wake up to visions of dead homies tellin me I'm the man
They always knew it
Forcin my mental into a state I always knew id escape
Every week a teammate got caught up wit a case
Thats the city though its Compton
Sloan Ave I was raised
Tell me what you expect
The energies in my veins
Melting herion ontpop of a spoon come get a taste
Oh-so addictive the life that we livin
Caught in amaze-ment
Deep within the MATRIX
Facin demons im slayin
Save my people embrace the martian I A-M
Wasteful energy pray to power for patience
Save your soul I've seen the face of satan
All my life I felt um getting closer
All my life I felt um takin over me

Pendulum swinger rollin to stranger things
Deep within trine elevate but yet stay the same
Inside my mind had a vision all of which came to date
You knew my mind prolly throw a jumper and fade away
Im rollin through my city Fiji water and cup
Doggystyle on blast OG TRILL in the blunt
Niggas knowin whats up Watch how I angle then approach it
I wrote this
Opus to reverse the hypnosis, Floatin
Ona Nimbus YES
That is my prescription
Hind sight seen it clearer
I was focused on some shit that didn't matter
Checked my position now lOOk inside the Mirror
Ego Death and I'm the Killer
You Prolly Heard
Or wanna be heard or wanna be heard expressing your feelings
I struck a nerve sending you off the scale of the Richter
But excuses are like messages made with clouds in the Air
You see um, but soon after you look and its disappeared
I mean like
You can take it or leave it for what it is
My influences are fluently flowing throughout the years
Staying true to my word wit myself
Im patient wit my steps
And any risk one has to take you can't regret
Wait hol up, Hold that thought
Take these shots and tell My Niggas R.I.P
Enternal Growth don't stop
From a city where these niggas kill each other for guap
Crips in a bucket trine climb to the top, Yaap

Writer(s): Darrien Patterson
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
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