The Robot
The Robot

The Robot Lyrics Meanings
by Mister Mojo

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Here we go

A robot came to my house the other day and
He starting making waffles for me right away
He topped them with strawberries and whipped cream
I took one bite and said "This has gotta be a dream!"
Then we called up all my friends
We met them at the park
We played freeze tag until it got dark
Then we came back home and said hi to Mom and Dad
"I want you both to meet my new friend
He's a robot"

Well he told us of his home in a far off galaxy and
Said he had a message for all humanity and
If we would just sit down and take a listen
He'd tell all of us about his special mission
He said "I came to Earth to share a dance
You can learn it now if you take the chance
I'll play a little groove, we can start to move
Then in time I will teach you how to do the Robot"

That's what he said!
Now get this this is the next thing he said

To dance like a robot you must keep in mind
Keep your body stiff, move one part at a time
Stand up straight, turn your head to the left
Bend one arm now bend the next
Turn your legs and hips to the left
Follow this move and take one step
Take another step then lean and freeze
Now you look and move a lot like me 'cause I'm a robot

Now you look like me 'cause I'm a robot
You're very good, you're very, very good

This is the part of the story I'm sad to say
The Robot left the very next day
But he left this message for you and me
On the back of an old computer print out sheet
It said "Be yourself, no matter who you are
'Cause every single person is a shining star
You can do anything it just takes time
So believe in yourself and have a whole lotta fun
Now sing it out

Writer(s): Mister Mojo
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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