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Red Dragon

Jan 5, 2010

Red Dragon Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
From the lungs of an original member,
Savagest traveler,
Pick my teeth with the bones of cadavers
Ravage and magic there's rap in your cabbage
Swing with Battle Axe cause I can't stay average
Roll with the maverick who moves spider-matic
Down with the ice vein, angel misguided
The phantom in your cabinet of lies
Why can't they fathom the pattern of the skies
It's dark when I wake light falls when I sleep
Fright comes off me when I walk in the street
Embark on my feat of neuroscience's discoveries
Acid on your brain makes the holes seem lovely
And you thought I couldn't rock this way?
You thought wrong, partner, my thought displays
The most caustic array that I bring when I choose it
Fuck when you wanna see me use it.
Red Dragon
Verse 2
Unbelievable, under duress
Verse 3
I'm not easily amused,
I snap when the fuse blows
Alligator trap door, crumbs on the fool's flo(or)
Delta brain of an unstable genius
Flies in your face when the gun's safety freezes.
Run hasty to quicken your suffering,
Grizzly react, when you gasp, they'll be busting in.
Get down, with no buffer zone
Buffering's useless just leave what you suffer whole
Buffalo's roam, the bison's stampede
Icing on the cake is the moment when you see
The scorpion chains, and the fire from the nostril
Hostile, exotic, colossal
Red Dragon
Verse 4
Unbelievable, under duress
Verse 5
My voice resonates, and ignore these featherweights
Resonates, pound up with this acid taste
Resuscitate the double horn side of me
Colliding with tusk, and make the harm bodily
Idle hands never, but whatever, my workshop's still hot
Algorithms, Superior skill shots
Mathematician, its half past sufficient
You grab-ass is wishin'
That you had another mission
In mind
Instead of trying to fuck with mine
Underestimatin' is half of the crime
The rapid supply of my graphic design
Can fool the unwary,
Put a snap in your spine
Don't be sorry, you just findin' out
Chop your neck off, motherfucka' now you really beside yourself
Cyber mouse
This is more tangible than keypads
You ain't so tough with the knee pads.
Red Dragon
Verse 6
Unbelievable, under duress

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