I'm a Believer cover
I'm a Believer cover

I'm a Believer Lyrics Meanings
by Monie Love

I'm a Believer Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Who ever said that you couldn't succeed
When your heart bleeds you need on your knees and you begging please
And if it ever came your way it be a better day
And if it don't, don't give up hope and continue to pray
I know I've had my fair share of despair honey
I wouldn't give up on the mere thought of mo' money
So this is what I did I forbid
The attitude that'll get ya
suckered out of a picture
I never saw myself as some kinda hero
So listen up because your time could be near yo
Quitters never win winners never quit
If you don't believe in yourself nobody else will do it

[Verse 2]
The very young can be blinded
Thinking what they find is an easy way out
It's road that escapes the clout
Well think again because there's prices on another level
a faster route and now your foot is layin' on the pedal
When did your heart decide that you could just settle for less
Don't you know in your category you were truly blessed
I think you suffered a severe loss of self-esteem
And now it seems your whole life is a movie scene
You're still a rompa you can change if you really want to
Double back recollect when you turned the wrong corner
Don't be content until you meet your demands
You can do it blood you can be a much better man

[Verse 3]
I had some lucky circumstances but I had to work
Amidst the possibility of maybe gettin' jerked
But I'm here ain't I and I'm in the mix too
That demonstrates how much a strong heart and mind can do
So please don't become a victim of pessimism
Keep your goals to yourself nobody messing with 'em
Keep your mind straight from those who want to dictate
The spam of your intelligence they seem to underrate
It's a form of oppression that they demonstrate
And nine times out of ten they're guarded by a false plate
Never give up individual dreams
of your future state and determine your own fate

[Verse 4]
Suckas that speak on a tracky technique
Choose to preach on a sub-level spewing evil of the devil
You gotta check it disconnect it to the minimal
Speaking tongues under drums like a subliminal
Figure that you gotta kiss before you kick
and every trick will then stick without licks you it's over dick
You didn't touch me then you don' t touch me now
Believing in the power of myself, I know how

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I'm a Believer Meanings

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