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My Cloud
by (Feat. )

Sep 25, 2007

My Cloud Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Thank you lord for the cloud you made for me
I know you put the cloud there for all of us to see
That I have a home among stars to cure all my ills and
All of my scars... but I'm tired of living on a cloud alone.
I need a girl to help through my happy home.
I'm going to search and search this whole wide Milky Way
And I'm sure I'll find a girl someday.
To ride high on my cloud in the sky to live together
Until the day that we die but until that day I'll remain
Here on earth looking and searching for a girl that is worth.
To share my home and all that I own.
Verse 2
To love and guide me so I won't be alone.
The girl that I marry will live in my cloud and I'll do
My best my very best to make her proud.
That she married and carried for me,
Babies by the dozen maybe 1, 2, or 3 and on my wedding
Day I'll give to my wife, neck less full of stars for the rest of her life.
Thank you lord for answering my prayer for sending me
Down someone to share my love, my cloud who made me so
Proud. Thank you lord, thank you lord for answering my prayers.

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