Hypnotize Cash Money cover
Hypnotize Cash Money cover

Hypnotize Cash Money Lyrics Meanings
by Mr. Quikk, The Hot Boys, Three 6 Mafia

Hypnotize Cash Money Lyrics

featuring Big Tymers, Hot Boys


How you love this playboy? This one here bezzled out.

With the Hot Boys and the Tear da Club up Thugs.

{Manny Fresh}

Nigga like thiiiiiis.


Ridin on twenties.

Memphis and New Orleans we gonna show you how we do this.

{DJ Paul}

y'all Know the motherfuckin score bitch.

y'all boys y'all boys ain't ready for this

Hot Boys Hot Boys gunnin with the Three 6

40 Cal. in my draws runnin from them laws

a clip is rolled in my sock, I'm hoping that I don't fall

I'm certainly hittin corners, hittin gates, shit is dirty, plenty tight

leapin tall buildings in a single bounce feelin ceiling lights

hear me this if I go I better go in style

but in Tennessee another bugged out nigga stunts


fuckin with me huh? you fuckin with the wrong one

that fire spit from my K have your wig cooked when I'm done

{Lil Wayne}

now hold up be-Geezy, what seems to be the blood clot?

is it enough for me to go shoot up them drug spot?


Lil killa Weezay, they drug spot is fuckin up a nigga cheezay

get em out and shut that bitch down

{Lil Wayne}

huh? well lets ride nigga

we gettin high realize they all die nigga

them Hot Boys started ridin


we gonna fire nigga wet em real good

wave your hand rid-a-bye-bye-bye nigga

shut down they hood and shoot they streets on both sides nigga

{Lil Wayne}

we the Hot B. lighters

ridin at nighters in two red Vipers


they gonna expect two snipers splittin heads like this

puttin they clique in a blender bustin gats like this

{Lil Wayne}

full of that danger in all black like this

and if a nigga want some more then we be back like this, what?

{Lord Infamous}

Sosate Lord cause the war competors come on irregular

intruders face these barracudas hunt you nigga predators

double barrel bust that warned them now they surely scared of us

seriously we party stay out the streets or face the territory

cowards of the hour sickened by my tower flower power

shower and devour face the boom boom boom power

Tear da Club up Thugs kickin it with the Hot Boys

cause our weapons weigh a ton and we came to bring the noise bitch


I'll wet a nigga block for anything me and my Hot Boy clique

quick to dress in all black and drop a nigga like shit

two time on a thug nigga, bout it since my younger days

been pullin triggers, been runnin through the hallways

playin it raw sparkin at anytime

any place any where with my fuckin 9

I got an army of niggas with automatic gats

bout splittin head ass niggas Craig, Ron, and Randy

Hot Boys and Three 6 they teamed up realer

want to start beef its a must we freeze it up realer


real clangly trigger, and you a nigga now who did it?

motherfucker no stomach they too scary to admit it

rearview mirror fucked up so I can't see when they coming

yesterday I got spooked out and drewed out on an old woman

I told the lady "Look I'm sorry Miss I knew I was wrong,

but you came so fuckin close to me I thought it was on."

that's why my partners is gone they done seen an evil approaching

and a nigga got em if it was me I would have smoked him

lets stop all this nonsense cause they couldn't catch Lil Duane

y'all motherfuckers think a syringe in this man

shit if hammers in tap-ons don't even worry bout it thugsta

left em in the garbage expectin they'll find an inner city youngsta

I'm an all around hustla get paid in many ways

knew a Dre to get played, had a connection with Yah

once before I went in a house and killed four

hit the nigga for dirty hoes that he kept under the floor

now I'm with the Three 6 mob pushin them Burbs

niggas done made a come up Hot Boys from the 3rd

{Juicy J}

its the Juice comin up out the dark from apart

North Memphis niggas always heart and we start

shit with these motherfuckin haters we ain't no traders

bustin hustlas and some G's chasers about that paper

pass that weed if you a friend of me

usually punk tricks kill a fifth of Hennesey

and get bucked wild in the club that's how we be

all you gang niggas throw them thangs and show them teeth

its on


niggas be sizin niggas ridin I'll sign on niggas

but I'll die for a few niggas:

Suga Slim, Manny, and my Hot Boy Clique,

never forget my B.G. cause I know he'll kill a nigga more for me bitch

but today I'm with Three 6 and I'm showin love

where these Tennessee hoe suck dick till they see blood

wearin my black glove, in case I gotta bust a niggas head 'cause

niggas buyin Bentlies on dubs, TV's with VC's is a must

automatic strap plus, and keep my soldiers on my feet no matter what

Juve got four and B.G. got ten, while my thirty-two golds nigga we all in

Turk got the red beam team, double are Rolls Royce showin love

went to Miami and bought a Lambergini on dubs

niggas ridin buttons to show these hoes we worth somethin

and my baby momma the bitch play too many games

said she was takin pills now she pregnant again

but its all gravy baby

and my children gonna be strapped if I'm blind deaf or crazy baby

playboy you can believe that


How you luv it now playboy? Manny Fresh on the motherfuckin tracks boy.

{DJ Paul}

Yo yo yo Hypnotized motherfuckin Mindz productions up in here you heard me?

Hot Boys with Three motherfuckin 6 bitch {echoes}

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