Murphy Lee, King Jacob, Professor Gods Don't Chill cover

Gods Don't Chill
by , King Jacob & Professor

Jan 1, 2003

Gods Don't Chill Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 0
Noow just to prove I ain't different from you
Derrty I ain't nothin' to do
I just want to take a break
No stress
No play
I just want to lay and
Chill at the crib all day
No, no, no, no,
It's time to get that ass off of the couch
Get up!
It's Friday night you gotta get the fuck out
Get the fuck out!
Okay, I got nothin' to say
Cause we been chillin' at the crib all day
Verse 1
[Verse 1: The Professor]
We chiefin' laid back, loungin' like 3 pimps in the shade
Me, Murph we take a pair we at it again
Well OK, you should have nothin' to say
We guarantee it goin' be another hit man, ok?
For your reference, I been inside the house since 6
Bakin' up bars of rap, chiefin' and munchin' on chips
Now should I go dip? debate what style and color to get
We go out, we don't go out, this strickly parkin' lot pimpin'
That there sounds like a nice game plan
Nice thangs wit thick frames, no need to think twice man
Pick up some bud, pick up my boys, wipe off my dubs
Hittin' on chickens and buckets, so what they rollin' on hubs
I'm honkin' my horn like a animal straight from the barn
So what if they foreign? Prince don't discriminate not 1
(Outrageously, my baby mama pagin' me
I been at the crib all day so it's crazy see)
Verse 2
Verse 3
[Verse 2: King Jacob]
Now, usually I get my way
Hit my hay, yeah sip my drank
Call up a chick to come strip if I say
Let the phone just ring while I pick my place
Smashin' in John Madden whuppin' everybody ass
And it's a fact, Green Bay sendin' em Packin'
Man it's goin' on a three day thrashin'
Fuck this for real why'all, I need some action
Aw man, Murph don't want to drive the Benz
But he's too busy tryin' to dodge his friends
I just want to go back outside again
Get high again, sippin' Heineken's
Grab my 22 inch wired rims
Hit the street, got bitches pilin' in
Wait 'til this nigga get through ironin'
Jacob up, fuck this game I'm retirin'
Verse 4
Verse 5
[Verse 3: Murphy Lee]
St. Louis
(Murphy Lee, what size drawers ya need?)
A 36-38 cause 40 be too big
And hurry up so I can get out the crib
I love my nieces and nephews but I ain't got no kids!
And shit, hurry up before the bank close
(Boy you ain't goin' to no bank, you prolly gonna see sum hoes)
Ah, I guess my sista know a brotha
I'm a nasty mothersucker cause I'm poppin' wit cornbread and butter
Cause there ain't nuttin' like booty in the daytime
Look at it wiggle, sunshinin' on the waistline
And matter fact fuck the whole nine
The whole time I'm thinkin' bout this party goin' downtown
I had to get my ass outta the bed (ah get up!)
Ain't nothin' like a lil' last minute head (ah you right)
Plus I see this girl like twice a week
And my granny made macaroni-n-cheese
So I'm out
Verse 6

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