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Rain Lyrics Meanings
by Mycul

Rain Lyrics

I used to love walking in the rain 
Something bout the water how it wash away the pain
My mother I love her but all feel is shame in a way 
I don't even hug her all that I contain in my veins 
Is some trouble bubbling until it bangs 
People wondering just what I am, just a man
Maybe not, toting this baby glock through my land 
Pray to god I don't use it again but 
When you premeditate shit manifests 
And when you elevate past the ladder steps 
That's when you separate from the average men 
Now they cannot stand all the ways that you passing them 
That's why I'm zooming by all these foolish guys 
Fucking from 2 to 5 just ya boo and I
I'm letting you decide cuz the truth is I 
I don't give a fuck no more bout the hustle 
So what I'm cutthroat, forged from the struggle 
Born in a storm made my dome like a puzzle 
Normal I'm not I'm abnormal and nutso 
Wars on my block bullets soar right above you 
My brother bought a vest to protect my chest 
Then I bought a teck to protect my friends
And I get respect nigga ever since
I was young niggas feel the threat as I'm stepping in  
Maybe now you would understand
When you own your block that's an upper hand
Stacking up a lot is the fucking plan 
Make it out alive never come again 
Dodging any time you don't wanna spend 
Not a day they will give you life just because your mans 
But I am not giving up my friends
Those my brothers ima ride the fucking end 
These my brothers I will die when it comes to them
On my life take your life if it's us or them
Stood tall outside when I could've ran 
Fuck y'all I won't lie only on the stand

I could tell you all the times I never ran
I could talk about the times I let it blam
If you think he lying then go and test the man
I just wanna orchestrate a better plan
I just wanna formulate a better chance  
Maybe if I storm the gates of heaven then
If I stay a while I'll make it to Neverland
When I make it out I'm coming back with the gang
And you could try to tell me don't I won't stop
All my niggas feel at home on the block 
Sitting down on the throne that's the stoop 
Now the coup full of birds that's the flock 
Off the roof just observing my spot
Lot of loot just off serving a lot
And all the Glocks make the murders come true
When they shoot they put holes in your top 
Enough of that shit yea I'm on my rap shit
Spittin classics everyday I like to practice
Cuz this is magic however you wanna tag it
There was casket I hopped out and did a backflip
Killer tactics for real yea I'm an assassin 
Mister Manson wit skills I ended up rappin
This been my passion for years I saw it could happen
I'm from Manhattan where they'll body ya for glances
That's why I wanna leave out this place
It's a race only demons escape 
I been on the chase know some peers that ain't make the cut
They got shot up know my tears they ain't fake 
I seen him grow up disappeared with no trace
Then he popped up reappeared on a lake 
That's why my triggers up towards your ear or your face
So bitch your lucks up you come near it's too late
It's ok nowadays I behave and be sober as fuck 
But I lay with that cobra tucked
Hey plot on me that's that day you decay
Have your soul risen up like the sun as it goes into dusk

Writer(s): Mycul
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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