Nas, Big Mike War cover

by Nas & Big Mike

War Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 0
There's a war in the streets tonight
And nobody's really feelin' alright
I got a blunt for a chronic, a juice for my tonic
I know now that I'm feelin' right if it goes down
'Cause my third eye sees the lowdown
And I know it's not my time to go now
'Cause God's got my back in this showdown
So I know we'll be alright
Verse 1
Yeah, Brooks Brothers overcoat, know the ropes, smooth is holdin' those
Briefcases, silk ties, slick as them older folks
Silver fo'-fo', got no,
My chauffeur driver just left some of my colleagues smokin' that Cali
Caught a glimpse of myself in the Barney's shop window
Kinda' see my father's features creepin' in a little
Got an office on Broadway, business in Jamaica
Tell my daughter try the hardest so the best schools'll take her
And I'm late to a dite with my wife, I realize
I stopped to shop, had to get her some type surprise
And I'm walkin' through it, chaos is all around me
But God got me, no fear, through the fire pride stop
Verse 2
Yeah, Nine-four, Destiny opens her eyes
For the first time, praise God, baby mom's cryin'
Planned to be a strong black family
But we both were too young, too strung, too much flashin'
New come, I caught verbal assassin runnin' with
Nothin' but the worst type, worst fight
But we brought my baby home the first night
Cursed like sailors, burst out the crib
Ragin' in my new car bought from entertainment
Champaign and gainin' clout fast, whiplash
Did this bitch just pass in the club pugged up, stupid ass
Grabbed her by the pony tail, "never disrespect me"
I'm a street vet, regret the sex, but not Desi
Moved back to your grandma, I'm single, the land's mine
She keeps the Benz, I'm all in the streets again
Squeezin' the pen, released again, chart toppers,
Hard-bottoms blessed the feet, now less baby mom's problems
New woman, she's great, this a different world,
Checkin' out my wife's chemistry with my little girl
It's so amazin' playin', life is so crazy
I've grown up the thankful for lessons God gave me

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