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I Got Love
by & J. Period
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Apr 14, 2015

I Got Love Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
(I got love) I got love for my homies who'll be rolling with me
(Play no games) Play no games 'cause ain't nobody playing with me
(I got love) I got love for my niggas on my family tree
(I got love) love for the ghetto, down for whatever
If you was down before, then you still gon' be down with me
Verse 2
(I got game) I got game 'cause the game was given to me
(Say my name) say my name 'cause ain't nobody tighter than me
(Give it up) give it up if you like the way I'm rhyming this beat
(I don't know) know nothing better, chasing my cheddar
If you in love with a whore, you ain't never listened to me
Verse 3
Oh, oh, oh, oh oh oh oh oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh oh oh oh oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh oh oh oh oh
Verse 4
(Captain save) captain save a hooker 'cause she hanging on me
(She can't hang) she can't hang 'cause I ain't looking fo' a wifey
(Just in case) just in case I better take a weapon with me
(And these hoes) keep cover, down for whatever
If she stress me some more, I'll leave her half dead in the street
Verse 5
(Funny how) Funny how 'cause haters they be all in the mix
(And they know) where they go-in, ain't gon' get no better than this
(Can't they see?) Can't they see we ain't some niggas they want to diss?
(D.p.g.) though I'll love a trick never, treat a bitch never
I told you before, so you better not be fucking with me
Verse 6
Oh, oh, oh, oh oh oh oh oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh oh oh oh oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh oh oh oh oh
Verse 7
(Platinum chains) Platinum chains is all you ever see on my neck
(Diamond ring) diamond ring as long as I can keep every check
(All the same) all the same as long as you don't ever forget
I was taught in the ghetto, wear the tight bellow
If she head for the stash, I always got this pistol with me
Verse 8
(Constantly) Constantly say we busting to a hell of a beat
(Then we came) Then, we, came, 'cause, they base'll knock you off of your feet
(Just that deep) Just that deep, I betcha we be moving ya feet
Voice kinda mellow, place from the ghetto
If you still want some more, go and get the fucking CD

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