Thunder cover
Thunder cover

Thunder Lyrics Meanings
by Nathaniel Street-West

Thunder Lyrics

Milk cartons delivered daily
Put under the waving American flag
Newspaper folded neatly
Coffee ground fresh for the dad

The sun he rise's early
Puts Visine in his eyes
He's got an exam on junk he memorized the day before
Which he'll forget as soon as the teacher gives the "A"

And there's a sound like thunder
That feeling you get when there's incoming rain

The wife she eats her milk and honey
And turns on the AM radio
Good morning Bill O'liely'
Always like to here your show

Meanwhile in the segregated projects
There aint no honey or waving flag
The tenement has a thousand eyes like mollock
With drapes winking and winking
Against the frozen sun

And there's a sound like thunder
That feeling you get when there's someone on the run

There's a thousand WASP's on all the flowers
And they're changing the way the flowers grow
They're sucking out and feeding back false knowledge
So as the flowers they grow deformed

There are masquerading angels at the palace
But there horns they show through but no one cares to notice
They got their hand inside each other's pockets

And there's a sound like thunder
That sense you get when you know something's wrong

Give me your warm embrace

As I lie against this stone
Put your skin against mine
I've got to go back out in this rain...

Who needs religion when you got money?
Who need to care when gods on your side?
These crutch chairs are liquid and filled with water
They engulf you and cripple you from inside

The bush is burning and there's a tire on fire
Rolling down this empty freeway
To save the unit I shot first cause' I saw em' coming
But my time had come

And there's a sound like thunder
Coming from the barrel of a gun
And there's a sound like thunder
Coming from a bomb
There's nothing like the sound of thunder
When it means your time has come!

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