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The Beginning of the End
by New Buffalo
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Verse 1
The Beginning Of The End
Verse 2
( New Buffalo EP )
Verse 3
You got me thinking about the end.
Giving up making changes and starting again.
You with your eyes open when you're sleepwalking.
Check the time, it's the beginning of the end.
Verse 4
Tonight there's a race with an intangible prize
Bare feet on the lawn see the frill in your eyes
And we'll sing the winning song together again.
'Cause it's time for the begiinning of the end
Verse 5
Locked inside cabin fever, he's changed his tun
He's not singing the blues, he's seranading you
Take my hand, close your eyes
Let me lead you astray
Verse 6
'Cause tonight marks of the end of your terrible ways
And together we'll climb and stand on top
See the lights in the city
See your courage singing pretty
One more letter to send
Say "thank you friend"
I'm here at the beginning of the end
Verse 7
Verse 8

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