New Clear Sky Vast [Album Version] cover

Vast [Album Version]
by New Clear Sky
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Verse 1
How to calm this restless spirit?
Is the answer well-defined?
Brilliant music? I wouldn't hear it
In all my ignorance and pride
Verse 2
And you, with your patience standing by me
As forgiving as the moon
Always silent always guiding
Through the triumphs through the gloom
Verse 3
Brilliance in its purest manner
Calmness in its purest form
Leading me towards the answer
Fear and doubt I know no more
Verse 4
Now I finally see
The fortune that's in front of me
The iridescent shine
Through the veil of your humility
Verse 5
Vast is the sunshine and the sea
Vast is the heavens watching over me
And the stars that pierce the sky in their majesty
Vast is the desert and the rain
Vast is my admiration unrestrained
For the muse I see in you always...

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