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Computer Age (Push the Button)
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Feb 17, 2017

Computer Age (Push the Button) Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Are we under their control, or are they under our control, or what?>
Verse 2
Push the button
Verse 3
Computer age is now
Everyone must have a machine
They say it's gonna make life easier,
well, I can't stand it....
Verse 4
They say we should put them in control
Well, maybe next we'll give them a soul
I guess we must now think that we're gods,
While we're less men than ever
Verse 5
I know the Lord cannot be too glad
In fact, I'm sure he must be quite mad
To see us take His role from our lives
And give it to computers
Verse 6
For here we sit in our easy chairs
As our machines decide how we'll fare
Who will suffer, who will survive?
It's up to the computers
Verse 7
Push the button
Verse 8
Verse 9
Push the button
Verse 10
Verse 11
Push the button!
Verse 12
Verse 13
Verse 14
Push the button!
Verse 15
Verse 16
Verse 17
"I'm no longer in control
I can't program my machine
Now it wants to take my soul
Stop it or it will proceed!"
Verse 18
Verse 19
Verse 20
Push the button
Verse 21

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