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Verse 1
I got a story
About all these rats
All these SEWER rats
And all these good rats
Verse 2
I'm talking bout these gold digging rats
These hood rats
My grandmother's a rat!
She just an Ol' School Rat
Verse 3
My mother's a rat!
She just a high class rat
My sisters rats
She just a middle class rat
Verse 4
My cousin Rance
He just low class rat
I'm tired a rats
Trying the get in my boys pockets
Verse 5
I'm tired of rats
Trying ta ride round in our cars
I'm tired of rats
Talking all that jibba jabba to they friends
Verse 6
But in one day
These rats goin' be straight
No dis the rats
Cause there are some rats that I love too
Verse 7
My message to you today
Is admit the rat in you!
To all women
Verse 8
[Repeat: x4]
Admit the rat in you!

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